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Take it Easy

The Take it Easy fitness pack is for people who need to walk before they run. Used together, the three sessions build and move you though walking and jogging to a run. Bought separately these cost £19.97. Together they are £14.99.
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Depending upon your fitness level we'd suggest building a base with two or three walks a week, and over a few weeks begin with just the first few tracks of the harder sessions.

Then slowly increase the duration of your workouts. It's better to take it easy to begin with, rather than risk injury or demotivate yourself by trying to complete the full sessions too soon.
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What is AudioFuel?
AudioFuel is music based training with coaching for running, walking, swimming and indoor bike training.

We design the sessions, compose the music, record the coaching then mix and master each album to give you a perfect blend of music and coaching.
Money back guarantee
If you buy AudioFuel and find it's too fast or too slow, or you decide you don't like it, email us and ask for a swap or a refund. We'll refund you right away.

We can't refund money you might have spent at Apple but we will swap a session bought it from them.