Half and Full Marathon Training

Run to the beat. Run long

Run Easy 1 - The first hour of a 2 hour long run

Run Easy is the lower intensity session of our long run series and will help you run a 5 hour marathon. It drives your pace at around 150 -155 BPM and has been specifically designed to support a crucial part of half marathon and marathon training; to build stamina and mental strength during longer runs.

With coaching specific to marathon running, walk breaks and special 10 minute markers Run Free is an essential marathon training tool. Use Run Free if you are aiming at completing at around 4 hours or Run Wild if you are aiming at around 3 hours.
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What is AudioFuel?
AudioFuel is music based training with coaching for running, walking, swimming and indoor bike training.

We design the sessions, compose the music, record the coaching then mix and master each album to give you a perfect blend of music and coaching.