Bike Training, coached by 4 time world champion triathlete

Chrissie Wellington MBE

Ride Harder 2

Ride Harder 2 is 60 minute pyramid interval session designed for indoor cycling use on a turbo trainer or spin bike. This session is great for training at Olympic triathlon distance.

After a 5 minute warm up you get interval sets of hard work, at different cadences, followed by recoveries. The first intervals are 1 minute at a cadence of 60 BPM and the duration and cadence increase until the top of the pyramid which is 10 minutes at a time trial cadence of 92 RPM.
Or go hardcore with the 97 minute Ride Harder 3.
Easier Session

Shorter intervals.

Harder Session
Ride Harder 3
Ride Harder 3

A hardcore 97 minute session.

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What is AudioFuel?
AudioFuel is music based training with coaching for running, walking, swimming and indoor bike training.

We design the sessions, compose the music, record the coaching then mix and master each album to give you a perfect blend of music and coaching.