Jun 2013

AudioFuel with Joe Friel



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Triathlon Training Bible author Joe Friel creates AudioFuel for Triathletes and Runners

Triathlon coach and respected author Joe Friel has teamed up with the music based training company AudioFuel to create two interval training sessions, one for running and the other for cycle training.

The two sessions, each an hour long, are for use with MP3 players and provide the unique combination of coaching from Joe and AudioFuel founder Sean Blair with music composed by AudioFuel musicians Howie Saunders and Seb Taylor.

Run Cruize Intervals is a 60 minute interval training program designed to help improve speed, develop muscular endurance and increase aerobic capacity. It includes a technique class to help develop good running form, and the intervals promote a fast mid foot cadence of between 175 and 180 steps per minute.

Ride Cruize Intervals is a 60 minute workout designed to help improve pedal technique and muscular endurance. It includes a technique class during the warm up using single leg drills to help triathletes develop power from every part of the stroke cycle. The session has 5 intervals between a cadence of 80 and 90 RPM.

“My AudioFuel brings to life some of the ideas I’ve written about, and allow me to coach people as they train” says Joe. “These sessions are intended to use in the later stages of the base training phase and help build condition during the build and peak phases of the training year”.

AudioFuel Founder Sean Blair “It’s been a privilege to work with a coach as respected and experienced as Joe, and his input on these two sessions has taken the coaching component of AudioFuel to a new level. Each session delivers a hard workout, delivers run and ride technique coaching and provides excellent advice from a master triathlon coach. These two training programs are the most technically comprehensive we have made.”

The sessions are coached by both Joe and Sean.

Run Cruize Intervals and Ride Cruize Intervals are launched in August 2013, and will be available from iTunes, and
AudioFuels website.

UK iTunes links
US iTunes links

New AudioFuel Website

New AudioFuel Website iPad.png

AudioFuel website on iPad

This weekend sees the launch of a new website.

The new site is based on a responsive design, and offers better browsing for mobile and tablet users.

Other changes include:

- A new
product finder: search for AudioFuel by category, intensity etc.

- All products now have buy at iTunes links

- Simpler and cleaner design with improved navigation

- An improved shopping cart using Cartloom


AudioFuel on iPhone

The locker facility on our previous website is no longer a function we have, so if you’ve lost your AudioFuel and need fresh download links just email us.

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