Nov 2013

A UK Wide Inactivity Crisis

Report from ukactive Summit, November 7th 2013
"Changing the health of the nation through physical activity”


This is a horrifying statistic:

But seen within a context where inactivity could break the bank and cease the NHS as-we-know-it, it’s an even more scary prospect.

And thus the scene was set at the UK Active Summit today.

There was plenty more horrifying evidence that large parts of UK population, at all ages, is heading for disaster. Consider this:

And so now, in 2013, we’ve arrived at a place when inactivity is worse than smoking, alcohol, obesity, cholesterol or hypertension as a cause of death.

The only thing (from my perspective) worse than that awful fact, was David Cameron’s ‘delighted’ support for UK Active’s mission.

Last night he offered the following quote (zoom in, it’s worth it):

But I’m afraid I don’t believe his rhetoric. I don’t see or hear the evidence that shows the PM or other senior political leaders get this issue at all.

I have to say though today, Andy Burnham MP impressed me.

His address to the congress had a quality of honesty, authenticity and ambition that made me feel he’s understood the problem at hand. Really, he was brilliant. And to be clear, I’m not a signed up member of the Labour party (or much of a fan of politics in general).

Which is important as Professor David Walker, the deputy chief medical officer for England reminded us:

So what’s the solution? Turns out to be exercise and partnership.

So I’m putting out a plea, from a small business with a loyal following that’s punching way under its potential weight in helping address this issue.

Please partner with AudioFuel and bring
this kind of magic to the UK population.

I’d like to thank UK Active. I wasn’t as aware of the inactivity crisis as am now, and the campaign to get
More People, More Active More Often is Brilliant, I’m now seeking ways for AudioFuel to be a bigger part of the solution.