Tips from Swimming Lesson

Four insights from today’s swimming lesson


Photo (C) http://wodumedia.com/ - The lessons are not this frenetic, or snowy.

This year my swimming has improved. A bit.

The best measure (starting from a very low base) is my swim time of 41 mins for the 1.9k swim leg of Mallorca 70.3 Ironman triathlon.

Last year I took 49 minutes to cover that distance.

But the truth is this summer, for no reason I can really understand, my swimming confidence dropped. I swam little, and my swim fitness bombed.

London Fields Triathlon Club (LFTC)

So this week I signed up for the 6 week swim technique class offered by LFTC, coached by Rob Popper, to begin my end of season training, with the hope that next year, I might be able to maintain a steady 2 mins per 100m in any water, with or without a wetsuit.

I’d LOVE to be able to do an Olympic distance 1500m swim in open water sub 30 mins, or better.

Week 1 Insights

I took four insights from week one.

1. Streamlining - Imagine “swimming through a pipe” to help keep a streamlined profile, and stop drag inducing wide legs.

2. Leg Kick - Try to activate gluteus, think “whole leg flutter kick”, kick powered from the gluteus, not the knees.

3. Breathing - The coach said, “You breathe continuously when you run, as you should when you swim”. So breathe out continuously and fully exhale before the inhale.

4. Activate your core muscles, to hold a streamlined position and keep your legs up

Much work to do...

I don’t think I naturally do any of these.

Last night I noticed I held my breath, I know I have a wild kick, and I never have time to think about my core when there’s so much else to think about.

But I plan to practice these ideas three times before next weeks lesson, and I’ll let you know next week how I’m getting on.