Interval Training - A visual overview

These graphs to give you a quick overview of the tempo and intensity of each of our current sessions.

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Easy sessions look like the graph on the left, hard sessions are denser, like the hardcore graph on the right. Grrr.

Interval training gives really good bang for buck. A short session can give your metabolism a boost which is great for those looking to stay trim. For those wanting to run faster, intervals give fixed periods of fast tempo running.

Pyramid 180 MAX
At 22 minutes, this is the shortest and least intense of our intervals sessions. The efforts go from 30 seconds to 90 seconds and the fastest cadence is 180 BPM. Each effort has a 60 second recovery. This is our most popular intervals session, and a great place to start if you're new to intervals.

Power Up 2012
As the graph shows, this is another pyramid session that alternates run tempo between 160 and 180 BPM, at 32 minutes long, it's a good step up from Pyramid 180 MAX. There's a 20 minute version too.

Run Faster 1
With Run Faster 1 the work intervals are longer at 2, 3 and 4 minutes at 175 or 180 BPM. You get shorter recoveries and the two tiny spikes at the end are 30 second 'stride' or 'pick ups'. It's a great session, for beginning to add sustained pace.

3 Step Intervals
As the graph shows, Martin's 3 Step intervals gives three, increasingly fast intervals, all at the the same duration of 3 minutes. Longer recoveries give time to be ready to work hard in the next interval, and Martin's excellent coaching helps you hold good form and fast pace, especially when it feels hard. 

Run Faster 2
Chrissie's second Run Faster is 40 minutes long. You'll see from the denser graph the work to recovery ratio is high. The longest interval is 5 minutes at 180 BPM. 

Run Faster 3
The hardest of Chrissie's sessions is 52 minutes long. The longest interval is 6 minutes at 180 BPM. She brings her own brilliant coaching style to this hard session. 

Run Cruize Intervals
Respected triathlon coach Joe Friel designed a 60 minute interval training program to help improve speed, develop muscular endurance and increase aerobic capacity. 

It includes a technique class to help develop good running form, and the longer intervals promote a fast mid foot cadence of between 175 and 180 steps per minute.